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Fast-track your dream grades with a Study Mentor

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Science Tutors specialising in study skills

We are a team of GCSE Science tutors specialising in study skills. Our goal is to give students all the keys they need to plan their own effective revision. A lifelong skill.

We created
Studi-Us: a study mentorship scheme made to connect you with your very own study skills tutor (a Study Mentor) and accelerate your journey to achieving your dream grades.

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Your short-cut to success

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We believe that learning from someone who is where you want to be is powerful! Success always leaves clues. 

All of our Study Mentors achieved at least 7 grade 8-9 at GCSE, including GCSE Science (one of the hardest subjects).

It's simple. Learn from your Study Mentor's study mistakes, then discover and apply the methods they used to excel academically.

Don't waste any more time. There's a way you can revise that guarantees results. Are you ready to find out?

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Lucky Number 3

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3 months

Studi-Us is a 3-month-long mentor scheme designed for GCSE Science students.

3 steps

Develop a personalised revision strategy using our 3 proven steps to skyrocket your grades.

3 people

We named the mentor scheme Studi-Us because students receive their own support team made up of them, their parent/guardian and their (virtual) Study Mentor.

3 pillars

We built Studi-Us upon 3 key pillars.

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Inspired by methods used to train the UK's doctors

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Hi, I'm Kendra! I'm a medical student, Science tutor, and founder of The Revision Portal.

As a medical student, I receive priceless support from my Educational Supervisor. We set academic and professional goals for each semester and meet regularly to discuss my progress.


With their support, I have consistently ranked in the top 40% of my cohort. I knew my students could benefit from this same personalised support, and so set out to create Studi-Us.  Join the programme now and receive the same standard of support the UK's doctors receive in their training.

Achieve grade 8s from Year 9 ... 


Kendra is an excellent tutor and has supported my daughter all through lockdown and continues to do so. Her lessons are focused and thorough and enabled my daughter to achieve an 8 in her GCSE Biology at the age of 13! Can't thank her enough.


Kendra is so lovely and very encouraging, she helps me with the content I struggle with and pushes me to work hard


Kendra  has really taken the time to learn about me as an individual and is tailoring my experience to best fit with who I am. I cannot recommend highly enough.


As well as personal experience, we have based the scheme on recent insights from award-winning authors. Our founder, Kendra, also has a Level 3 Diploma in Educational Psychology and has a a deep insight into how students best learn. All of this is integrated into Studi-Us.

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For parent and child

We encourage parents and guardian to fully engage in the mentor scheme so they, too, can understand what is expected in their child's revision and know how best to support them.

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Access to your Study Mentor 7 days a week

*Limited spaces available*

Book your initial consultation now and begin your journey with your Study Mentor.
Prices starting from £38/session. 

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In this initial consultation, we will take you through the Revision Portal's 3 step method to Science success. You will receive the keys to effective revision, and thus, how to guarantee yourself good grades.

This session builds the foundations for the mentor scheme, of which there are 3 sessions.